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Rightsourcing is selecting the best way to procure a service and deciding whether a medical practice is best served by performing billing services in-house (your staff) or contracting it out to a third-part service provider (NOVA).  Rightsourcing literally means "choosing the correct source, choosing NOVA Medical Billing ."


Rightsourcing to NOVA Saves Money

When you have NOVA manage your billing you can save thousands in payroll, employee benefits, office supplies and even furniture costs. The hidden savings include costs associated with having to constantly upgrade practice management software and billing staff education.

NOVA is able to distribute our expenses across the entire client base providing an economy of scale. We can operate at a lower cost than a single practice and those savings are passed on to you. NOVA can afford to hire the best staff possible, so you pay less for the same and often higher collection percentages. In addition to the direct financial benefit of higher returns and lower costs (overhead, staff, insurance, hardware…), you save in the more difficult to quantify areas of time, stress, and office space.


Rightsourcing to NOVA Reduces Billing Errors and A/R

NOVA's Certified and Experienced, professional medical billers will ensure that your claims are accurately submitted in a timely manner. It is our responsibility to ensure that the billers we hire undergo thorough training and are equipped with the knowledge to properly submit medical claims. Not only will this reduce the number of denied and rejected claims due to billing errors, but will also insure that your practice is paid faster. Every outstanding claim is tracked until it is processed and paid to its fullest. This is not a separate team.  If your practice does not make money, NOVA doesn’t make money. We work closely with your office staff to ensure an efficient overall workflow and provide training when needed.  Your practice also gains access to a large combined knowledge base of Coding, Billing, Auditing and Practice Management experts to aid in navigating the ever increasing industry changes.


Rightsourcing to NOVA Helps You Take Control of Your Practice

Many providers think that outsourcing medical billing means giving up control to someone else. With NOVA the opposite is true, and for most practices, they feel more in control than ever before. NOVA takes care of the time consuming work and dealing with the headaches, so the you and your staff have breathing room to review your monthly reports and see at a glance the health of the practice. Monthly and annual comparisons are quickly made and all questions are addressed by us in detail. Transparency and the ability to run any report 24 hours a day gives a sense of control that you never had before. Adding an expert billing team to the mix utilizes a team approach to progress toward mutual goals.


Money Saved
* avg. savings
A/R reduced
* avg decrease for new clients
1st Pass Clean Claim
*avg concurrent rate